Webinar opportunity with the Association of Brass Band Adjudicators (AoBBA)

We have been contacted by the Association of Brass Band Adjudicators (AoBBA) with an offer to engage in meaningful conversation about what it means to be an adjudicator and in particular the role of the Association. They believe that open dialogue will lead to expelling the myths of adjudication and will in turn lead to a more rewarding experience for all.

They would like to offer between 45 and 90 minutes’ worth of content, subject to our timetable with the chance to undertake a mock adjudication and ask questions about adjudication and the association, if you are agreeable to the idea in the first place.

Nicholas Garman, our adjudicator for Brass in Concert and also secretary of the AoBBA has offered to do the presentation to us via Zoom on Sunday 26th March in the morning or early afternoon.

However we don’t want Nicholas to give up his time if no one is interested in attending. We have agreed at recent meetings to try and use a member of the AoBBA at our contests wherever possible which is why we believe this to be a very worthwhile talk to attend for bands interested in contesting.

If anyone is interested in attending, please contact us by email (secretary@brassbandsni.org), or by phone (07593061905) before Sunday 12th February.