2020 Solo & Ensemble Results

Results from BBL Solo & Ensemble Competition are below.

The BBL would like to congratulate all prize winners and offer a huge thanks to all of our competitors for a fine day of music making.

There has also been a selection of music, clothing and books left behind. If anyone wants to claim them please get in touch.


BBL Solo & Ensemble Competition
Saturday 15th February
Malone Presbyterian Church Halls.

Senior Section

Adjudicator: Mr Les Neish

19 & Under Solo

  1. Zeki Kaya (Third Carrickfergus Silver Band)
  2. Sophie Hueston (Third Carrickfergus Silver Band)
  3. Victoria Lloyd (1st Old Boys Band)

C Solo
(no contest)

B Solo

  1. Sam Brodison (Ballyduff Silver Band)
  2. Robin Clinton (CWA Brass)

A Solo

  1. Nathan Thompson (Laganvale Metal Technology Band)
  2. Claire Hueston (Third Carrickfergus Silver Band)
  3. Andrew Milligan (1st Old Boys Band)

Slow Melody

  1. Nathan Moore (1st Old Boys Band)
  2. Kelly Kaya (Third Carrickfergus Silver Band)
  3. Brian Downey (Laganvale Metal Technology Band)

Senior Ensemble A

  1. 1st Old Boys (1st Old Boys Band)
  2. CWA A Ensemble (CWA Brass)

Senior Ensemble B

  1. Ballyduff B (Ballyduff Silver Band)
  2. CWA B Ensemble (CWA Brass)
  3. Wellington Ensemble (Wellington Memorial Silver Band)

Senior Ensemble C
(no contest)

B Quartet

  1. CWA B Quartet (CWA Brass)
  2. Wellington B Quartet (Wellington Memorial Silver Band)
  3. Dynamic Quartet (Dynamic Brass)

A Quartet

  1. Laganvale Quartet (Laganvale Metal Technology Band)
  2. Wellington A Quartet (Wellington Memorial Silver Band)

Junior Section

Adjudicator: Mr Owen Farr

10 & Under Solo

  1. Alexander Wilson (Wellington Memorial Silver Band)
  2. Rebekah Sharpe (1st Old Boys Band)
  3. Holly Wilson (Downshire Brass)

12 & Under Solo

  1. Oliver Quinn (Downshire Brass)
  2. Eva Dennis (Third Carrickfergus Silver Band)
  3. Kenan Kaya (Third Carrickfergus Silver Band)

15 & Under Solo

  1. Joe Stewart (Wellington Memorial Silver Band)
  2. Anna Finch (Poyntzpass Silver Band)
  3. Jonathan Finch (Poyntzpass Silver Band)

17 & Under Solo

  1. Andrew Milligan (1st Old Boys Band)
  2. Victoria Lloyd (1st Old Boys Band)
  3. James Shaw (Poyntzpass Silver Band)

12 & Under Ensemble

  1. Wellington Memorial Silver Band

17 & Under Ensemble
(no contest)

Youth Band

  1. 1st Old Boys Youth Band
  2. Poyntzpass Silver Band